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I am a UX / Interaction designer and UX for AI Specialist


Mockup of Air Bear sitting in a car seat beside the Air Bear app

Air Bear

Smart air quality monitor protecting children - 4 min read

UX Methods: Interviews, Prototyping, SWOT Analysis, Cultural Probes, Co-Design

Mockup of Unseen being used on a train


Dealing with antisocial behaviour on public transport - 3 min read

UX Methods: Interviews, Surveys, Ethnographic Research, Presentations, Prototyping

person typing on laptop displaying Intrusty interface

Trigger Remover

A safer way of browsing the web - 6 min read

UX Methods: Speculative Design, Prototyping, Emotional State Analysis, User Research, User Testing, User Interviews

Mockup of Intrusty app


The service getting feedback for students - 4 min read

UX Methods: Service Design, Prototyping, User Testing

About Me

Hi, I'm Thomas Kelly (He/Him).

I am a UX and Interaction Designer with a background in Artificial Intelligence.

  • Currently: In my final year of a BA in Interaction Design at NCAD. Where I am in the process of designing and developing a public speaking confidence building application.

    In 2023, I obtained a HDip in AI applications at CCT, Dublin, where I gained experience in data visualisation, programming and data science practices.

    I enjoy public speaking and workshop facilitation.
  • Location: Dublin, Ireland (Open to relocation).
Thomas talking to camera