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Mockup of Unseen app being used on train



Unseen is a service to detect, notify and deal with antisocial behaviour (ASB) on public transport. This was a project developed in response to a brief from "Accenture The Dock" to improve urban citizens' transportation experiences.

Role: Interaction Designer

Duration: 8th Nov - 16th Dec, 2022

Stakeholders: Accenture, NCAD


The aim of the research phase was to identify issues with transport in the city. To identify areas for improvement, we conducted:


Through more than 20 interviews, we gained valuable information about how city inhabitants use transportation and the challenges they encounter. The following quotes are some we heard;

“I always feel a bit on edge on public transport”

“My kids use the LUAS and you should hear the stories they be telling me”

We received a substantial number of comments and stories concerning anti-social behaviour in the hundreds of replies to the multiple surveys we distributed.

We spoke with various persons who had informed us about antisocial behaviour since so many people had commented on it previously. We acquired data for our problem statement from these interviews.

"I just look out the window to stay out of the situation"

"Sure the driver does nothing"

In Dublin, according to our surveys, about 90% of people have observed antisocial behaviour on public transportation, but less than 10% have reported it.

Defining the Problem

The common themes that emerged from our research synthesis provided justification for investigating the issue of antisocial behaviour on public transportation.

The procedures for reporting antisocial behaviour were perceived by users of public transportation to be insufficient and largely useless, according to our interviews.  This presented us with an opportunity to develop a system for reporting and dealing with antisocial behaviour.

User Needs

To help us identify the users for whom we were seeking to find a solution, we developed user personas. These included the driver, passengers waiting for the vehicle, individuals using public transportation, and emergency service personnel.

From interviews with people from each role of our personas we outlined what each user needed from our service:

Passangers on pubic transport

Public Transport Users

  • A method of reporting antisocial behaviour
  • Confidentiality when reporting
People waiting for public transport

People Waiting for Transport

  • To be notified if there is antisocial behaviour
Dublin Bus driver


  • To be able to concentrate
  • Not have to worry about passengers
Garda car

Emergency Services

  • Method of knowing public transport location
  • Knowing what kind of antisocial behaviour is occurring
System Blueprint

Our design stage began with iterating on a system blueprint, which we altered with the help of public transport drivers who knew the current systems in place better than we did.

Detecting ASB

We designed an application, a sensor module to detect antisocial behaviour and a notification system to confirm the detection of antisocial behaviour, which would work together to both detect and solve antisocial behaviour.

The sensor would detect noise levels and speech in transport, which would use an onboard AI to determine if there could be Antisocial Behaviour.

Mockup of a sensor on the roof of a Dublin Bus being used to detect antisocial behaviour
The App

If ASB was detected by the sensor, people on that vehicle would be prompted to report the behaviour through a notification from the app.

Woman on a train using the Unseen app after being notified that antisocial behaviour has been detected.
Reporting Flow

If people confirm there is ASB onboard the vehicle, the app brings to user to fill our the reporting flow, which takes less than a minute to complete, and is completely anonymous. The features of it being quick, discreet and anonymous was important due to this quote we got from an interviewee regrading reporting ASB:

“There would be consequences & I might get attacked”
App mockup of the Unseen reporting flow
Being Kept in the Loop

After reporting the ASB the emergency services will be notified of the location and ASB type, and the reporter will be kept up to date with how to situation is being handled. Keeping the user in-the-know with continuous feedback was a key touchpoint of our interviews on what users wish they had.

Mockup of the reporting timeline on the Unseen app, giving users feedback on the status of their report.
App Integration

After ASB has been reported or detected, people waiting on that vehicle are going to be notified, so they can chose if they don’t wish to take this vehicle.

Unseen app integration with Dublin Bus app, showing when antisocial behaviour is detected and reported

In conclusion, the service prototype received positive feedback from both public transport users and public transport employees.

The service has predicted benefits of: